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The "While You Wait" Business Center
Located on site at our Climate Controlled Self-Storage facility

Another of the Many "Self-Storage Solutions" Designed for Pharmaceutical, Medical and Sales Representatives

You can enjoy a cup of StarbucksTM coffee (of course, there's no charge) and relax in our Business Center...

You can get "caught up" on any work you need to finish using our free Wi-Fi!

Call us: 414-810-3101

Our Business Center is Unique, Designed to Help Your Sales Team

Our Business Center is conveniently located at our comfortable temperature regulated, climate controlled self storage facility, servicing the Milwaukee Metropolitan city and county. However, pharmaceutical, medical and sales representatives utilize our storage facility services as they service clients throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Here is what's available:
  • The Business Center is a place to relax while your inventory is being loaded or unloaded from your self storage unit(s).
  • In the quiet of the Business Center you can use the time to get caught up on any business calls while waiting.
  • Enjoy a cup or two (or three!) of StarbucksTM coffee (no charge) for your convenience while waiting.
  • Plan your stay by using the free Wi-Fi provided for you in the Center, allowing you to do your on-the-run scheduling, ordering, and marketing operations from your laptop, iPhone, iPad, or other device.
  • Comfortable, temperature regulated environment throughout the whole storage facility, making your stay here a comfortable one.
This self-storage facility provides many important advantages for pharmaceutical reps and almost any kind of sales teams. Over the years, sales reps have created a "base for sales distribution" here. They use their self-storage unit as a distribution center for their team to better service their clients. Find out more right here, right now: 414-810-3101.

Because this storage facility is climate controlled, sales, medical and pharmaceutical inventory, products, marketing materials and sales items are protected from temperature and climate problems.

Additionally, a number of advantageously located, creative operations can be utilized in conjunction with a self-storage unit:
  • Ready Distribution of Inventory: Sales reps do keep inventory on-hand, so it is readily accessible to them from the convenience of their self storage unit. This, in turn, provides them with a ready distribution point for servicing their clients.
  • Receive Shipments at your Climate Controlled Self-Storage facility:  Pharmaceutical reps, for example, have often in the past, received shipments here at our storage facility. Certainly, any sales rep can use this opportunity to utilize their storage unit for more convenient distribution to clientele.
  • Store Inventory for Ease of Distribution: Again, our Pharmaceutical reps have been quick to create innovative solutions to their distribution problems. They have often stored samples of drug inventory in their units.  What could keep sales reps in other fields from doing the same thing?  Call us about this solution.
  • Literature, Samples, Marketing Materials: In general, sales reps, pharmaceutical (or otherwise), can use their self storage unit for literature, samples and marketing materials, thereby locating their distribution point in areas close to the location of their clientele.
Find out more right here, right now:
Pharmaceutical and sales representatives should weigh the following Stadium Self-Storage solutions:
  1. Extra large climate controlled loading areas: Self-storage loading areas are both comfortable and convenient for loading and unloading inventory, protecting samples, keeping marketing materials dry from inclement weather and keeping YOU comfortable from the severity of temperature extremes. By using our climate controlled loading docks, an sales rep can avoid the costly damage to product and business items.
  2. Our Business Center mentioned above: While you are waiting for items to be loaded or unloaded, you can use our free Wi-Fi in our on site accessible, quiet, and comfortable Business Center to catch up on scheduling, contacts, email, or other matters of importance to your business. There you can also enjoy the free StarbucksTM coffee provided for your convenience. Relax and take a few moments to regroup. After all, the Business Center is here for your convenience.
  3. Ease of Accessibility: Pharmaceutical and Sales reps in every field imaginable can appreciate the fact that a self storage unit is clean, well lit, secure, and easily accessed through wide aisles with ease of turning. We provide flexible hours so as to afford you every convenience necessary.
  4. Security features: Perimeter fencing, experienced facility management (on site), keypad access and 24 hour digital recording, gives you peace of mind in a protected environment. You know that your marketing materials, valuable possessions and product inventories in storage are now secured.
  5. On-site Moving: Free use of platform trucks and pallet jacks are provided for your convenience. You get that kind of help needed to move product and other materials in and out of your self-storage unit. Since the units are climate controlled self storage, your loading and unloading experience should be far less strenuous (due to heat, rain, snow, or cold-freezing temperatures).
  6. Deliveries: Our Professional Storage Solution Experts will (with prior notice of course), receive and temporarily store the items sent to this storage location. This is done for pharmaceutical reps as needed and sales reps in general are welcome to take advantage of this flexible, money and time saving benefit. All we need from you is documented permission to do the work. Our staff members can receive the items you’ve arranged to have shipped to our facility easily and efficiently (some restrictions may apply. Call us. We are available by phone. Find out more right here, right now:  414-810-3101. 
  7. Location: By choosing this self-storage facility close to your sales territory, your team and your company can save valuable time and cost. How? By allowing the sales rep or the pharmaceutical rep to stay in the field face-to-face with clients as opposed to the constant hassle over small logistical details. And remember, you can always utilize our Business Center to coordinate schedules and update your team's events, deliveries, and other communication needs common to your work. Or... you can just take a break in the Center. Nothing wrong with that!
Give us a call: We are here to serve the needs of sales representatives who are constantly pressed for time in their field and on the road. Call us at the following number and get in touch with our professional storage solution experts for your climate controlled self-storage unit(s). All the advantages listed above are provided for any Pharmaceutical Representatives or Sales Representatives who really need them. We are here to help you with your business needs.

Call us: 414-810-3101

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