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Extra Large Climate Controlled Loading/Unloading Area

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Extra Large Climate Controlled Self Storage Loading Bay at the Stadium Self Storage Facility
Extra Large Climate Controlled Self Storage Loading Bay at the Stadium Self Storage Facility

Extra Large Climate Control Self Storage Loading Platform:
Frankly, what else can we say? One look at the picture and you can see one of the two, extra large climate controlled self storage loading/unloading areas available to you at Stadium Self Storage.  We can handle everything from your small car or truck, moving van, and even semi tractor-trailers.

When we say climate controlled self storage, we are offering you two extra large loading/unloading areas, where you and your possessions, are protected from inclement weather as well as the stress of climate extremes.   After all who wants to face any of the following?

  • Who needs to load or unload their possessions in freezing weather with frostbitten fingers?
  • Who needs to experience that drenched, perspiration soaked clothing resulting from all the loading and unloading so common when storing possessions away from home or office?
  • Who needs to face the possibilities of rain soaked documents from home or the office?
  • Who needs the worry of loading and unloading equipment, collectibles, inventory, archived materials or any number of other items that simply cannot be safely exposed to rain, snow, heat, hail or sleet?

The picture to the right shows you one of our extra large climate control self storage loading areas that allows you the comfort and peace of mind you need when it comes to the storage of your possessions. Your loading and unloading is done in a comfortable temperature range and out of the elements of Wisconsin’s infamous climate changes.

Is it really climate controlled self storage?
We would encourage you to be aware of those self storage suppliers who are clever enough to advertise that they offer “climate controlled storage” but in reality (and, remember, this is often the case!) offer only heating or cooling ... not both!

Note our claim… and your benefit:

“Our storage facilities maintain a temperature range of 60° to 75°F. We've installed the necessary (multiple) heating and cooling units at our self-storage facility so as to provide comprehensive coverage and back-up to ensure your possessions are always protected. Quite frankly, even if a particular heating or cooling unit should fail, the other on-site climate controls can still maintain a well regulated, comfortable temperature environment."

As a further advantage for our customers, Stadium Self Storage enjoys BOTH inside climate controlled self storage units as well as extra large  drive-up climate controlled loading and unloading areas.

Call us: 414-810-3101