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Climate Controlled self-storage units
Climate Controlled Self-Storage… What Does that Really Mean for You?  Call us 414-810-3101

Stadium Self-Storage provides one of the most useful services in the self-storage industry for our customers. “Climate Controlled Self-Storage” is indispensable for the protection and care of your belongings. The fact that it is “climate controlled” should relieve you of any anxiety that those possessions could otherwise be harmfully affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures… you know, the kinds of temperatures and temperature swings so common to Wisconsin weather. Of course, the Milwaukee Metroplex is no exception.

Climate controlled self-storage is a must factor when you are selecting a self-storage unit, regardless of whether you are storing your belongings for a month or even, say, 10 years. Severe temperature extremes, not to mention seasonal highs and lows we experience in the normal Wisconsin weather forecasts, can damage items stored in storage units.

Important documentation for your home or business, computer equipment and electronics, wood or leather furniture, photographs, books, clothing, artwork and other valuable possessions can be destroyed if not properly protected. Climate control maintains a steady temperature using central air conditioning and heat. Maintaining a controlled environment minimizes risk of many potentially damaging factors:

  •  Warping, cracking and splitting.                                         
  •  Rust, yellowing and corrosion
  •  Mold, mildew and bacteria overgrowth
  •  Infestation of wasps, mice, termites and other vermin

Climate-controlled storage units are typically part of a finished building with indirect heating and cooling (compared to air conditioners or heaters within individual units). The enclosed environment of these buildings can also provide increased protection from the variability of the outdoor elements. It is for that reason that we would encourage you to be careful of those self storage vendors who are quick to make the claim that they offer climate controlled storage, but in reality (and this is often the case!) provide only heating or cooling ... not both!

Our storage facilities maintain a temperature range of 60° to 75°F. We've installed the necessary (multiple) heating and cooling units at our self-storage facility so as to provide comprehensive coverage and back-up to ensure your possessions are always protected. Quite frankly, even if a particular heating or cooling unit should fail, the other on-site climate controls can still maintain a well regulated, comfortable temperature environment.

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As a further benefit for our customers, Stadium Self Storage enjoys BOTH inside climate controlled self storage units as well as extra large drive-up climate controlled loading and unloading areas.

Items Needing Climate Controlled Environments for Self-storage:Climate Controlled Loading bay self storage

What are the different kinds of items commonly stored in our climate-controlled units? Frankly, just about anything. We are talking here about protection maintained by temperature regulation (maintained strictly within comfortable temperature norms) as well as protection from extreme temperature swings and inclement weather while providing you with the comfort of working (loading and unloading) inside that same comfortable environment.

Take a moment to imagine the difference between unloading in a trucking bay where it’s freezing due to low temperatures. Freezing fingers while handling possessions, cold temperatures making for cold bodies, everything they’re cracked up to be... painful, injury prone, and even distressing.

High temperatures make for unpleasant, sticky and often drenched clothing. You know it takes only a few minutes of exertion to find that clean, dry apparel has morphed into a perspiration soaked mop once thought of as “clothing”.

Possessions that are commonly found around the house, office or workspace are often the quickest to be affected by temperature variances:

Possessions Commonly Found Around the House Needing Climate Controlled Environments:

  • Leather or wood furniture
  • Clothing
  • Craft supplies
  • Paintings and other fine art
  • Musical instruments
  • Cameras
  • Appliances
  • Antiques & Heirlooms
  • Furs
  • Plastics
  • Family Photos
  • Media: CD's cassettes, vinyl records, tapes
  • Televisions, stereos
  • Collectibles

Possessions Commonly Used in Business Offices, Needing Climate Controlled Environments for Protection
  • Computers & computer parts
  • Audio equipment
  • Business supplies
  • Software
  • Medial supplies
  • Archived documents
  • Marketing materials
  • Video equipment
  • Business records
  • Stored products
  • Pharmaceutical samples
  • Dental supplies
  • Tax files & other paperwork
  • Sign, placards, and other informative materials

Self-storage: Possessions Commonly Utilized by Craftsmen Stored in Climate Controlled Environments:

  • Small machines
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Finished product
  • Tools, dies, and equipment
  • Raw Materials
  • Construction equipment
  • Advertising materials

Self Storage Unit Lock

Benefits in Addition to the Climate Controlled Environment:

Of course, along with the climate controlled self-storage protections put in place for safeguarding your possessions, Stadium Self-Storage provides quite a few benefits which we encourage you to help you take control of your storage needs:

• State of the Art Digital Recording System – Stadium Self Storage has invested heavily in the kinds of security systems necessary to protect your valuables.

• After Hours Self-Storage Access – Stadium Self-Storage invites you to consider regular storage access hours. 24 hour access is available upon request.

• Quality Lighting – Stadium Self-Storage facilities are well lit with ample lighting. Let’s face it, we all deplore that poorly lit, “dungeon like” effect. Who needs to walk into a facility after a hard day’s work, that looks and feels like something out of horror picture!

• Neat, Well-maintained and Clean Facilities – Stadium Self Storage is constantly investing in our facility to keep all areas of our self-storage building complex neat, clean and noticeably well maintained. Stadium Self-Storage works hard to provide the very best storage experience for all of its clients.

• Moving Carts – Stadium Self-Storage provides all of its customers with moving carts. You don’t have to worry about and carrying heavy loads to them from your self-storage units. Moving carts provide greater ease for moving possessions whether loading or unloading them from your unit.
• Professional Storage Solution Experts – Speak with one of our professional storage solution experts to learn more about the benefits of Stadium Self-Storage.

If you plan to frequently access your stored items as you add, remove or organize them, keep in mind your own comfort when working within your climate controlled self storage facility.

Comfortable temperatures can make the job a whole lot easier.

Again, here’s that number to call: 414-810-3101
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