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New Outdoor Units
10x25 and 10x30 sizes available now.  Electricity available on select units.

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Construction Solutions for Your Project
Our largest self-storage units are made for storing inventory and materials for a wide range of uses:Self Storage for people in construction.
  • multiple location accessibility
  • large construction projects
  •  long term storage needs
  •  secure self-storage for the life of the project(s)
  •  expand your inventory storage with convenient, easy-to-access  self-storage.

Tools and Materials Construction Self-Storage

You can conveniently keep expensive tools, materials and equipment secure in our climate controlled self-storage facility servicing the Milwaukee, Southeastern Wisconsin area.

Each project requires storage features to secure your property from the inside for gated, locked security. It is the safest, securest and the most convenient manner to warehouse tools and materials on the project.
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Seasonal Inventory and Materials for Construction Projects

If you expand your inventory and materials, you can use our convenient self-storage facility with for easy-to-access project storage. You can find the size of the self-storage unit(s) you need to give you ample storage space with security and available-upon-request storage access hours.

Home Construction Remodeling & Home Building Construction

You have more than enough to worry about while you are involved with any home remodeling. So why not put some of that worry aside. We can help. We offer temporary self-storage or long term self-storage… and you are not “married” to a set term. If you only need a month, then let’s do it! If you need longer storage, we will accommodate that as well.
Our state of the art security features provides you with safe and convenient self-storage throughout your home remodeling construction works. You can keep your focus on what’s immediately in front of you: contractors, paint colors, costs, and schedules. Let us focus on keeping your materials and possessions safe and secure and out of your way.

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