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New Outdoor Units
10x25 and 10x30 sizes available now.  Electricity available on select units.

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Stadium Self-Storage Solutions for Contractors, Landscapers, Plumbers and Electricians
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Contractors and Their Self Storage Unit
Expensive equipment, tools, machinery and supplies demand storage facilities that are secure, accessible and cost-effective. Stadium Self Storage facilities feature security that is second to none in the industry. That ensures that the expensive equipment tools and other materials associated with contractors will be protected against theft and inclement weather.

Just as importantly as the fact that you and your employees will have easy access to the self storage unit(s) you’ve chosen. That’s important because no matter when the job starts or finishes, your team will continue to find it easy to get a hold of the equipment and supplies they need from your storage unit.

Who can use our self storage units? In general, contractors in all kinds of fields - plumbers, electricians, landscapers, concrete, dry wall, tiling, home remodelers, and home repair professionals – use our services.

Sizes, Planning and Use of a Self Storage Unit
  • Protected, secured and easily accessed self-storage of your equipment which can include snow blowers, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, yard tools, trimming and lawn equipment.
  • Protected, secured and easily accessed self-storage of ladders and expensive tools.
  • Protected, secured and easily accessed self-storage of client invoices and company records
  • Protected, secured and easily accessed self-storage of excess job site materials for later use (glass, metal, wire, lumber, PVC, bagged materials, or other supplies)
  • Protected, secured and easily accessed self-storage of Store inventory
  • Create a small office to process paperwork, create and respond to bids etc.
  • Create a mini-warehouse

When selecting a self-storage unit, plan ahead when possible. Begin by estimating the needed size, based on long-term usage. Most contractors end up storing more materials for longer periods, wafting for the next occasion to use them. That’s the reason we encourage pre-planning.

If you have more than one location for your business, consider more than one smaller self-storage units. Consider ease of access and better organization with several small units as opposed to the time consuming chore of digging through a much larger unit. In addition, some units may be better utilized for inventory and delivery.

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