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New Outdoor Units
10x25 and 10x30 sizes available now.  Electricity available on select units.

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Who Should Use Stadium Self Storage?
Business Owners: Our facility provides convenient extra large climate controlled indoor loading and unloading self storage docks. This of course, serves for easy entry to our self storage units, allowing you immediate access for the storage of business records and files, manuals and books, inventory, advertising and marketing materials, used equipment, office furniture and business supplies.

Our self storage facility provides a climate controlled comfort giving you peace of mind as well as greater comfort in the knowledge that your items are protected and secure from inclement weather and temperature extremes.

Feel free to use our self storage facility for the storage of inventory, product and supplies so your sales teams can stay in the field longer, accessing your clientele face-to-face instead of wasting time with lengthy travel to and from their distribution centers. Your sales teams utilize our Business Center while there supplies are being loaded or unloaded from your self storage unit(s). There your sales reps can catch up on your scheduling, contacts, emails, and other pertinent data, utilizing the free WiFi we provide.

Are you moving “to” or “from” Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

Not only are we a “one stop shop” for self-storage needs, we also can help you with your move, wherever you are located (even internationally!). Call us at this number to get you started on your move to (or from) Milwaukee! Call us: 414-810-3101

Account Executives:  Stadium Self Storage is the perfect place to find a climate controlled self storage area so as to store samples, supplies, and equipment.
  • Protect your client documents, essential files, records, sales samples, brochures and marketing literature, seasonal inventory, software, electronics, advertising displays and even office equipment.
  • Ask yourself the question: “Does your business seem “packed” with non-essentials that just get in the way? If so, you are in good company because studies show that businesses need "room" to do just that …business… despite the overwhelming pressure to keep records (often as required by law).
  • If you have items appropriate for storage but need more business and office space “freed up” for productive use, then why not consider self storage for all of the “non-productive”, records, documentation, supplies, inventory and furnishings?
  • Self storage can free up valuable office space so you can do what you need to do…business. Let us take care of your storage needs.
  • Self storage secures those important business records and data back-up off the premises.
  • Self storage helps you make the transition in business from one project to another, one business location to another… or any other transition you are forced to face.
  • What about all of that bureaucratic record keeping? Self storage can be a solution to properly protecting and handling records required by law.
  • Emergency supplies and equipment can also be more easily maintained at our storage facility as well.
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It’s your choice: Make Stadium Self-Storage the distribution point for your sales teams to eliminate cost and time from their service work in the field.