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A New Vision in Self Storage

Self storage bulding climate controlled units

Historical Background
to Stadium Self Storage:
The property, now housing Stadium Self Storage, was originally part of the American Metals Products Company, was renamed in 1930 AMPCO METAL.  AMPCO METAL developed a full quarter section (160ac.).  Growth of the AMPCO METAL was accelerated by World War II creating a heavy demand for the production of copper-based alloys used in most spheres of military operations.  The work force grew from 100 to over 2500 at its peak.

This parcel in particular and the surrounding area was part of Milwaukee’s smokestack community, a rust belt area that housed much of Milwaukee County’s manufacturing and industrial concerns. The same manufacturing base that shaped Milwaukee’s landscape, fell victim to the changing global economy that placed less value on heavy manufacturing in the United States.    Parcels of land that once proudly boasted many  manufacturing giants, now lay dormant and subsequently became known as the “Brown Fields”.

The prior tenant of this property, Coakley Tech traces its roots back to Coakley Brothers Company, a privately held, family owned commercial moving, storage and distribution company with over 125 years of history in Wisconsin.  Coakley Tech started as a division of Coakley Brothers in 1982.  Fast forward, in 1999 company founders Neil Coakley and his daughter Peggy formed this division as a separate operating company named Coakley Tech.  

Coakley Tech sold to CCI Corp in 2007 and relocated to Hartland, Wisconsin in 2012.  The sale left the Coakley property without a tenant.  Peggy Coakley then commissioned a best business use feasibility study.  The results of the study and a trend in the corporate moving industry relocation services required customers to seek individual solutions for storage services led to changes in the parent company, Coakley Brothers, use of warehouse space.  The merging of an idea and a trend, birthed Stadium Self Storage.

The Emergence of a New Vision in Self Storage

Late spring 2012 Robert Neumann of Computerized Structural Design was engaged to put into place the vision of Peggy Coakley and Dave Murray (general contractor/consultant). Many new ideals in the vision of Peggy Coakley began to take shape in the creation of the new self storage facility thereafter.

climate controlled self-storage units milwaukee The Key Factors in the Development of Stadium Self Storage:
  1. Create an ‘Environmentally Friendly” state of the art facility
  2.  Install energy efficient cost effective lighting
  3.  Use natural ambient illumination to create a warm inviting interior
  4.  Use motion sensors to reduce unnecessary utility costs reducing carbon footprint
  5.  Create a place where all customers, in particular females, would have a sense of security or “Safe at Home Feeling”
  6.  Develop lighting plan that leaves no dark areas
  7.  Develop warm inviting color scheme throughout project
  8.  Install digital recording system to cover entire property
  9.  Create restrooms that were inviting with central location
  10.  Create open lines of sight within facility
  11.  Create tiered entry system
  12.  Create loading/unloading areas that are environmentally controlled

The Vision for the New Self Storage Industry Leader Becomes Reality

Permits issued and site preparation work began as Coakley Tech was moving to their new location.  Building amenities necessary to its past were now obsolete.  Demolition started, interior walls were removed, large shower/locker facilities were deconstructed, cafeteria removed, freight elevators once necessary, no longer viable now needing replacement and relocation. 

Mechanical systems once useful could not withstand the “need” for high efficiency effectiveness.  All systems were removed and disposed of.  An interior building re-birth began.  New systems were designed with goal of energy efficiency at the forefront.  Sections of exterior block walls were removed and floor to ceiling energy efficient glass panels installed bringing in natural ambient lighting allowing for a feeling of spaciousness.  Installation delays were caused by harsh Midwest winter weather.    Interior construction ground to a halt.

Exterior part of project stayed focused and moved forward.  Footings for loading/unloading areas were complicated when the distant history of the war years came to the immediate forefront because of soil contamination from chemicals and petroleum products.  Working in tandem with the Department of Natural Resources, State of Wisconsin a remediation plan established and completed,600+/- cubic yards of asphalt millings from a nearby highway reconstruction project brought in and mixed with the current soil content to stabilize and mitigate the impact.  Compaction issues were also resolved by the team.  

Exterior lighting and security cabling plus loops were installed for the self storage facility prior to first asphalt lift completion. Ornamental fencing, high efficiency exterior illumination was installed. A park bench and concrete potted shrubs add to the inviting exterior ambience.

Stadium Self Storage Facility: Located In the Fastest Growing Area in Wisconsin


Stadium Self Storage is located  just east of Miller Parkway (56.9k traffic count)  an extremely busy 4 lane arterial.  Burnham Street (7.5k traffic count)  is a busy cross street.  Stadium Self-Storage is located just 300’ east of the intersection.  The property is visible to tens of thousands of people every day.
The Old Milwaukee “Brown Field” Has New Life in Stadium Self Storage

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Self Storage Facility:
The Facility: Stadium Self Storage is a multi-story, state of the art facility, 850+ units,121,811 square foot self-storage facility located at 4000 West Burnham in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  The project was developed by Peggy Coakley aided by Dave Murray opened in 2013.  It is a Diamond Class Facility.  It is the epitome of a new generation of self-storage facilities with World Class Service.

Market Entry:
The Milwaukee, Wisconsin self-storage market presents a high barrier to entry.  Local zoning and building codes make it a daunting task to gain entry along with  acquiring financing for conversion to bring a new level of aesthetics to the entire project.  The “Brown Field” corridor had another phenomenon attached to it which made re-development more appealing.
The “Concept of Concentric Circles” had been identified in major sports complex developments as noted in “A Report For The Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball District” by Martin J. Greenberg.   The area as outlined would experience high economic potential due to influx of residential and business developments.  Those developments were tied to a downtown area.  This corridor was an exception but proved the case for the “Concept of Concentric Circles”. Except for Stadium Self Storage, there have been no new storage developments in Milwaukee east I 894, south of I 94, west of I 43 and north of I 894 in the last 20 years.

In the immediate 3 mile area surrounding Stadium Self Storage, thousands of apartments and multi-family dwellings exist with a high density population of 229,008 residents.  The tenants in these properties have no garages or attics and are middle class in nature which drives the demand for self-storage.

Stadium Self-Storage located just a few blocks from Miller Park, home of MLB’s Milwaukee Brewers, is the fastest growing area in the State of Wisconsin.  It is part of the restorative process for this designated “Brown Field Corridor”.

ManagementPeggy Coakley Stadium Self Storage climate controlled storage buliding
Office: Peggy Coakley’s years of experience designing some of the best offices in Milwaukee led her to create an office with a stunning view of the world outside which includes a large parcel now occupied by a member of the fourth estate, The Journal Sentinel.

Subtle color mixing of black, soft shades of grey on the walls and sculpted slate colored floor tile highlight the office.  Displays of black with brushed stainless inserts augment the office interior.  The high modern ceilings and visually impressive registration desk and counter provide an inviting atmosphere for both commercial and residential customers alike.


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