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The Stadium Advantage

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Closed on Sunday
Our indoor, climate controlled self-storage environment provides protection for your stored possessions from the seasonal temperature and climate swings we all experience here in Wisconsin.
Not Just Self-Storage... Stadium Self-Storage!
Climate Controlled Self-Storage Units are Clean, Secure and Affordable
What’s the Stadium Self-Storage Difference?
With indoor and drive-up self-storage facilities and easy access from all directions, our Milwaukee facility helps you simplify your home or business needs. We're not your run-of-the-mill self-storage facility. We offer storage units in differing sizes to meet your every need. Every unit is clean, well lit, easily accessed, climate controlled, secure and affordable.
In addition to serving our customers with "World Class Customer Service” in the self-storage industry, Stadium Self-Storage also provides a Diamond Class storage facility you could ask for. Every unit is well lit with ample aisle space so you can conveniently and comfortably “get in and get out”. We know moving anything – be it a home move, office storage or downsizing - can sometimes be a trying experience. We’re here to save you from the hassle and headaches that are normally associated with self-storage facilities.
State of the Art Self-Storage Advantages?
Is it possible to have a “best storage experience?” We believe so. Many of our customers have told us so…time and again (you will see many of their testimonials as you “travel” throughout this site). Our facility boasts state-of-the-art Climate Controlled self-storage, safety and security systems throughout the self-storage building complex and convenience in accessing your unit. Stadium Self-Storage hosts perhaps the most comprehensive residential and business self-storage services in our industry.
Hours and Access?
While many facilities in the industry limit access to their self-storage building complex, we do not. Our normal office hours are 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Mon. - Fri.), with Customer Access Hours extending well into the evening, 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, 365 days per year. (24 Hour access available upon request).
How Can We Help You?
The Business Center provides a comfortable setting if you should find yourself needing to wait while your van or truck is being loaded or unloaded. Meanwhile, free Starbucks™ coffee, High-Speed Wi-Fi Internet Access, work space and a comfortable setting are “on us.” Here you will find comfortable and welcome space to catch up on emails and phone calls if you need to start or end your day at Stadium Self-Storage.
Stop by the office or give us a call - we are happy to assist you!

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Common Questions

  • How do I know my belongings are safe?
    We are setting the standard with our security measures. Our property is well lit both inside and out, features digital recording cameras for 24/7 recording, and has keycode access only.
  • How do I know what size I need?
    Our Professional Storage Solutions Experts have assisted thousands of happy satisfied customers in determining the right unit size and type. Included on this site we have provided a storage calculator to help you start down the path to becoming a happy satisfied customer!
  • What sizes do you have and how much do they cost?
    We have 48 different sizes. The smallest Unit size is 5’(w) x 8’(d) x 8.5’(h) (25 sq ft) or (212.5 cu ft). The largest size is 10’(w) x 30’(d) x 8.5’(h) + (450 sq ft) or (3825 cu ft). Please contact one of our Professional Storage Solution Experts for available sizes and prices.
  • Do I need to sign a lease?
    No, a simple rental contract is all that is required.
  • How long is the rental agreement?
    Rental agreements are month to month and automatically renew on the first day of each calendar month. You only pay for a month at a time. There are NO RENT REFUNDS.
  • Can I get a discount if I rent for a longer time?
    We do run specials and we provide an additional discount for accounts that pay for 12 months in advance. Speak to one of our Professional Storage Solution Experts for current specials and discounts.
  • How do I pay for the storage unit?
    We have multiple payment options available. We offer a GUARANTEED NO LATE FEE PLAN. We also accept cash, ACH, check over the phone, Mastercard, Visa, Discover & AMEX. Payments can be made in person, called in or dropped in OUR SECURE 24 HOUR NIGHT DEPOSIT BOX.
  • When is rent due?
    Rent is due on the first of each month and is considered late and a late fee added to the account on the 6th of the month.
  • Do you require a security deposit or administrative fee?
    No, Stadium Self Storage does not require a security deposit. We do charge an administrative fee to help defray the cost of our extensive security systems which are being constantly updated for your protection.
  • Are my stored items secure?
    First, we employ 24 hour digital recording system with 60+ cameras tied to motion sensors protecting the entire property inside and outside. Second, every entry point on the property requires a digital code for entry. Third, for your safety the entire property is fenced in. Fourth, the entire property is well lit inside and outside.
  • Is insurance required to rent?
    We do not force our customers to pay for another product. We understand in today’s marketplace customers are very savvy when it comes to insurance products and always refer them back to their own insurance agents for help.
  • Who is responsible for the care of my items while they are in storage?
    Stadium Self Storage is not responsible for a loss to your goods. Stadium Self Storage will keep the property secure but Stadium Self Storage is never in the care custody and control of your stored items. You have the ONLY KEYS FOR YOUR UNIT! Stadium Self Storage highly recommends you consult your insurance agent regarding your individual situation.
  • What hours are you open?
    Our normal customer has access to their items from 7 am to 9 pm every day of the year. Extended access hours may be available, please check with one of our Professional Storage Solution Experts. Business customers may access their items 24 hours per day every day of the year. The Stadium Office is open daily from 7 am to 4 pm and Saturdays from 8 until noon. Sundays the office is closed.
  • How often can I visit my unit?
    Stadium Self Storage respects our customer’s privacy. The storage rental agreement provides a legal relationship with the customer whose name appears on the agreement. YOU will have the ONLY KEYS FOR YOUR UNIT! You may give the code and a key to whomever you wish but our relationship is with you alone.
  • How much notice must be given when I move out?
    We ask our customers notify the office 28 days in advance. Our Professional Storage Solution Expert will be happy to assist you with that notice!
  • Does Stadium Self Storage offer moving assistance?
    Yes, Stadium Self Storage offers moving assistance through its parent company Coakley Brothers Moving and Storage. They have been in the industry for 126 years and are known for their Diamond Class Service. They would be happy to discuss your individual moving needs. Coakley Brothers Moving and Storage is known for doing local, long distance and international moves as well as corporate relocations. Please call one of our Professional Storage Solution Experts to help you setup a convenient time for you to discuss your needs.
  • What does climate control mean?
    Climate control in the storage industry is extremely rare. What is really meant is that the air is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. We try to maintain a fairly narrow temperature range of 60 – 75 degrees within the facility. Cooling the air aids in the reduction of humidity in the air and reducing or eliminating the chance for harmful mold to form.
  • Can I store an RV, boat, car, or motorcycle?
    Yes, we have exterior parking for boats, trucks, and RV’s. Motorcycles will be able to fit into a conventional storage unit.
  • Do you sell moving and packing supplies?
    Yes, before you pack anything, please call one of our Professional Storage Solution Experts at 414-810-3101 for help assisting you in selecting the right professional moving supplies and materials for your individual needs and fragile items. Our experts would be happy to acquaint you with our specials and our Guaranteed Box Buy Back Program which eliminates any guess work as to purchasing too many boxes. We can supply anyones need from 1 box to 1000 boxes.
  • Is moving equipment available to help move items to our storage unit?
    Absolutely, Stadium Self Storage has purchased a fleet of moving carts (platform trucks) situated in our temperature controlled extra-large loading and unloading areas. There are even pallet jacks you will need to move palletized materials.
  • Do I get a FREE lock when I rent a unit?
    No, our Professional Storage Solutions Experts will highly recommend you secure you unit with a round disc style lock. For your convenience, they are available for purchase in the Stadium Self Storage Office. We recommend them because they afford the highest standard of protection.
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Features & Benefits

Here are a range of feature and benefits that Stadium Self Storage has to offer over our competitors:
  • Drive - in loading bays which protect you and your belongings form cold, rain, wind and snow... all typical Wisconsin elements
  • True Temperature Controlled storage units which are heated and cooled to protect your items from extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Extremely well-kept and well-lit clean facility for your safety and pleasure to be in
  • 24/7 enhanced digital recording to protect your property in our facility
  • Computerized keypad entry system to track activity by unique access code in the building
  • Electronic gate access to eliminate unwanted entry and gives each customer their unique code
  • Moving carts to assist transporting multiple items to you unit to save on unnecessary trips
  • Boxes, packing and moving supplies may be purchased at our retail center
  • A division of Coakley Brothers Moving company to help with the move is a phone call away
  • Outdoor storage for RV's and boats
  • Elevators your grandma would feel comfortable in
  • Convenient central location off I-94 and Miller Parkway
  • Package acceptance and delivery to your unit
  • High-Speed WiFi Internet Access
  • Starbucks Coffee hot and free every morning
Currently serving the Milwaukee, West Allis,
Greenfield, West Milwaukee and
South Milwaukee areas.

Available Unit Sizes

47 Different Self-Storage Sized Units!

Do you have unique storage needs? Many do. But unfortunately all too often they find self-storage facilities that have standardized self-storage units which are either too large for their needs or too small. What we have designed into our multilevel self-storage building complex (besides ease of access to any unit in the building) are the many “in between” sizes among those standard sizes expected in any self-storage building facility like ours.

All Interior Units Have a Height of 8.5'!

SMALL STORAGE UNITS - Up to 75 sq ft
5' X 5' 25 sq ft
5' X 5.3' 26.5 sq ft
5.3' X 5' 26.5 sq ft
5' X 6' 30 sq ft
4' X 8' 32 sq ft
5' X 7' 35 sq ft
7.5' X 5.3' 39.75 sq ft
5' X 8' 40 sq ft
6' X 8' 48 sq ft
10' X 5' 50 sq ft
5' X 10' 50 sq ft
7.5' X 7' 52.5 sq ft
8' X 8' 64 sq ft
5' X 13' 65 sq ft
10' X 7' 70 sq ft
7' X 10' 70 sq ft
10' X 7.5' 75 sq ft
5' X 15' 75 sq ft
7.5' X 10' 75 sq ft

MEDIUM STORAGE UNITS - 75 sq ft to 150 sq ft
8' X 10' 80 sq ft
10' X 10' 100 sq ft
8' X 13' 104 sq ft
7' X 15' 105 sq ft
15' X 7.5' 112.5 sq ft
7.5' X 15' 112.5 sq ft
10' X 12' 120 sq ft
10' X 13' 130 sq ft
10' X 14' 140 sq ft
10' X 15' 150 sq ft
15' X 10' 150 sq ft
7.5' X 20' 150 sq ft

LARGE STORAGE UNITS - Over 150 sq ft
10' X 16' 160 sq ft
10' X 17' 170 sq ft
10' X 18' 180 sq ft
10' X 20' 200 sq ft
20' X 10' 200 sq ft
13' X 17' 221 sq ft
10' X 25' 250 sq ft
10' X 30' 300 sq ft
15' X 20' 300 sq ft
10' X 35' 350 sq ft
15' X 25' 375 sq ft
15' X 30' 450 sq ft

10' X 20' 200 sq ft
10' X 40' 400 sq ft
12' X 40' 480 sq ft
12' X 50' 600 sq ft

What Size Do I Need?

Unit Calculator

To help you determine what size storage unit will best suit all your belongings, use our calculator system. Fill in the form below, tell us what kind of items you will be storing, and we will provide you with an accurate estimate in cubic feet of what size unit you will need.

For each category, enter in the amount of items to be stored. After everything is filled out correctly and calculated, we will recommend a storage unit for you based on the appropriate size to store all your belongings.

Current Promotions

Online Summer Sale on Select Units

Take advantage of our online summer unit sale on our most popular units and save up to 10%. These rates are only available online. To reserve or rent your unit online click here.

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Customer Access Hours: 7:00am to 8:00pm, 365 days per year.
24 Hour Access available upon request
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Space Calculator

Living/Family Room# of
Storage Cabinet
Arm Chair
Basic Chair
Formal/Occasional Chair
Overstuffed Chair/Recliner
Rocking Chair
Fireplace equip.
Couch/Sofa, 6ft.
Sectional Couch/ ea.pc.
Average Loveseat
Stereo System/Console
Large Table
Coffee/End Table
TV, table-model
TV, console
Flat Screen TV/Wall Unit

Dining Area# of
Formal Buffet
Corner China Cabinet
Average-Lg. Dining Table
Dining Chair

Kitchen/Breakfast Area# of
Air conditioner/Window
Freezer/Stand Alone

Bedroom# of
Bed, bunk
Bed, double
Bed, single
Bed, king
Bed, queen
Bed, rollaway
Chest, cedar
Dresser, single
Dresser, double

Miscellaneous Items# of
Baby carriage/Large Stroller
File cabinet, cdbd
File cabinet, 2 drw
File cabinet, 4 drw
Golf bag
Clothes Hamper
Patio table
Patio chair
Patio chaise lounge
Piano, baby grand
Piano, upright
Rug, large
Rug, small
Sewing machine
Table, card
Table, game
Box, book
Box, legal tote
Box, all-purpose
Box, wardrobe
Washing machine
Vacuum cleaner

estimated unit size

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