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The last thing you will want to do TOMORROW is find a clean pair of clothes, hunt for your toothbrush and the rest of your overnight essentials.  Pack your back to help ease the transition from one place to another. This moving tip is essential. You'll be way to tired to think about anything but sleep.  Pack the bag, especially if things are going to a self-storage bin! You never know which important box gets stuck in the wrong spot!  You can leave your drawers in tact by placing stretch wrap ( or Press n Seal) over the top of them! Voila... instant suitcase!  Are your belongings going to a self-storage bin? Mark them well and keep the essentials in a safe spot.


About two months before your move date, start gathering packing boxes. Hard tough boxes can be found at your local liquor stores and grocery stores often will save storage boxes for you if you ask. When your pickup day arrives, make certain you go pick them up or they will disappear to another mover reading these moving tips! Should you find you need to purchase boxes or will be leaving some boxes in self-storage units, consider plastic bins in lieu of cardboard boxes. The built in handles are terrific, they stack well and are moisture resistant.

Pack the ESSENTIAL BOX FIRST!   At the end of the day, you'll be glad to have a box to use at the new location.  You'll need a scissors, a knife or razor blade, paper towels, TP, dish soap and and a rag or sponge,  pens, paper goods for eating, one thing of each of your kitchen supplies ( a pot, pan, serving spoon etc,)  Bottled water is always a plus- perhaps some powdered drink mixes to add to the water?  Don't forget this moving tip!  A few towels for showering will be so appreciated.

Another moving tip is found in the fact you will need all sorts of different size boxes in which to pack all of your items.  Don't skimp on packing materials. Good strong boxes are the best for packing. Here's your list of packing supplies to make your move easier. Save your plastic bags from the grocery store. They make super fillers for those empty spaces in the boxes.

  • Packing Tape (you heard it here- Duct Tape is not for EVERYTHING!)
  • Bubble wraps for those fragile items
  • Padding for wrapping furniture- Blankets are a plus
  • Moving Boxes of assorted sizes
  • Newspaper- Start collecting and asking your friends
  • Different Colored Markers to mark the boxes carefully
  • Scissors
  • A Notebook ( some like to pack a box- and mark it with a number and write down what is in the box inside your self-storage bin) 


Pack your dishes vertically in the boxes ( like you would stack them in your dishwasher) to avoid breakage. A Styrofoam plate between each precious plate will add the extra padding needed.  Extra wrapping paper won't hurt when you're talking about grandma's china. Clothes and pillow cases make great padding as well.  Be innovate!  Save space! You can also stuff used plastic grocery bags in the spaces left inside your boxes.  Packing peanuts work well too if they are easily accessible. Again, mark the boxes well so they are easily recognized in the self-storage units.


Take pictures of the back of your electronics before you move them.  Looking at a pack of wires can be very disconcerting.  Pictures pictures pictures!  Then you'll be able to replace the cords with ease.  Do this with you Television and Connected DVD Player, your Computer - Printer - Scanner- Speakers - Monitor.  Your Stereo system can be a nightmare without these pictures.  Here's where your Smart Phone really makes you smart! AND don't forget to back up your computers. Those are records you don't want to lose.


Change your Utilities
Call your Insurance Company
Change your address at the Post Office
Check out the New Schools in the Area
Call  your Self-Storage Unit contact
Give the Bank your change of address
Change all Magazine and Newspaper subscription addresses
Credit Card companies... you don't want to miss any of those bills
Cancel Memberships if necessary


Consider donating items you haven't used in years, and probably have absolutely no need of. Have a Moving Sale! Donate to your favorite neighborhood charity.  Perhaps your closet is filled with outdated clothing or you've lost so much weight you need to rid yourself of clothes too large! Kids clothes, toys, kitchen supplies, basement extras, blankets etc can all add up to a nice tax break when you donate.Good Will, Salvation Army, Purple Heart are just a few in desperate need of donated items.  Don't forget about EBAY! Purge Purge Purge! However, if you can't bear to part with that closet full of items, consider the self-storage unit.  You'll be glad you remembered these moving tips.


It's that time! Swing sets, Trampolines, Basketball Hoops and the like, all need to be dismantled and moved.  Remember to keep the screws and nuts and bolts in a plastic bag firmly taped to the piece being dismantled.  This will make your reset up time much quicker. 

Inside also.  Do you have a bedroom you aren't using? Take the bed apart, tape the screws to the headboard and set it aside.  Bookcases need packing and shelves taken off. Don't lose those shelf spacers!

Of course the day of the move comes all too quickly.  Have your tools ready after a good night's sleep and begin to dismantle the heavy furnishings.  Don't empty the dresser drawers. They pack well just as they are.  Put some plastic wrap around them and they're ready to go!