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You're Moving!! Now What??

What steps do you need to take to make this move less of a struggle? How do you pack? Where do you start? Our job is to help make your job less stressful, so here are some packing tips!


Here's a packing tip for you! About one month before your move date, start collecting packing boxes. Liquor stores and grocery stores often will save storage boxes for you if you ask.  Make sure you pick them up when you say you will or your help will dissipate quicker than you had hoped.

If you have to buy boxes or will be leaving some boxes in self-storage units, consider plastic bins in lieu of cardboard boxes. You'll find they have often have built-in handles and stack well and are water resistant.

Save your plastic bags from the grocery store as they make nice fillers for those empty spaces in the boxes.

Pack the LAST BOX FIRST!  Does that make any sense?  At the end of the day, you'll be glad to have a box to use at the new location.  You'll need a scissors, a knife or razor blade, paper towels, TP, dish soap and and a rag or sponge,  pens, paper goods for eating, one thing of each of your kitchen supplies ( a pot, pan, serving spoon etc,)  Bottled water is always a plus- perhaps some powdered drink mixes to add to the water?  A few towels for showering will be so appreciated.

Another packing tip is found in the fact you will need all sorts of different size boxes in which to pack all of your items.  Don't skimp on packing materials. Good strong boxes are the best for packing. Here's your list of packing supplies to make your move easier.

  • Packing Tape (you heard it here- Duct Tape is not for EVERYTHING!)
  • Bubble wraps for those fragile items
  • Padding for wrapping furniture- Blankets are a plus
  • Moving Boxes of assorted sizes
  • Newspaper- Start collecting and asking your friends
  • Different Colored Markers to mark the boxes carefully
  • Scissors
  • A Notebook ( some like to pack a box- mark it with a number and write down what is in the box) 


Make enough room to pack. Just like wrapping Christmas presents in a tight spot doesn't work, neither will this!  Don't do all your packing in cramped quarters. Enough room will allow you to pack individual item properly with plenty of  layers of wrapping paper or bubble wrap for those fragile items. Make sure you gently put your belongings inside a box to avoid damage. Here's a fun packing tip!  Use Styrofoam plates between your regular dishes to avoid breakage. Always pack the heaviest items on the bottom of your packing boxes and lighter things on the top inside the boxes. These tips will make it easy to move boxes in and out of self-storage units with ease.
  • Pack heavy items ( like your books) in small packing boxes. Don't over pack boxes.  They may be too heavy to lift.
  • Take extra care packing fragile and breakable items. Use more layers or more bubble wrap to avoid broken hearts.
  • Wadding up newspaper will help fill those empty spaces so your items have little room to move and break.

KEEP    -     YOUR    -     ROOMS    -    SEPARATED

Try to discipline yourself to remember this packing tip and pack one room at a time. Don't forget label those packing boxes with a particular color which makes it easier for your helpers to unpack the moving van and transfer things to your new location. Perhaps you're going to a self-storage bin. It will make finding your items so much easier if you have color coded your packing boxes and made that list with what is in box 457!  When you  pack one room at a time, start with the smaller items. Don't forget to LABEL LABEL LABEL those boxes with the items inside!


Label each box as you pack it and write in the notebook the COLOR you used on the box and the CONTENTS of the box.  Keep your important paperwork with your moving records such as contact information for your self-storage unit, your moving company, medical records, extra cash etc.  These are things you will need BEFORE you begin to unpack.


Today is the day! Time to take the beds apart!! Start by taking apart all of your large items.  Place all the hardware in Ziploc bags and securely tape the bags to the furniture. If special tools are needed for the particular item, pack it with the hardware to make reassembling a breeze.


Carefully begin to stack the packing boxes as you finish packing, taping and labeling with your colored pens.  It'll be easy to leave them right in the room in which they were packed.  Here's an important packing tip! Don't forget to pack all the extension cords, power strips etc in one box for that particular room.Label this hardware box and the extension cord box clearly.  Putting screws back into the beds and bookcases will help eliminate the search for them upon reassembling.


Your beach, bath and hand towels, alone with clothing and rags and bedding can all be packed in garbage bags and fitted between large items in your moving van.  How about all those stuffed animals?  What you don't use to help pack those fragile items, neatly pack in the garbage bags but MAKE SURE TO LABEL THE BAGS or you could find them in the trash in the morning! These bags pack easily around larger items in the self-storage unit you may be renting.