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New Outdoor Units
10x25 and 10x30 sizes available now.  Electricity available on select units.

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Service Industries and Their Sales Representatives Use Stadium Self Storage as their "Base" for Self Storage Distribution of Products and Materials

... and they are NOT the only service people who use our Self storage facilities!  Sales reps in hundreds of service industries and local inventors, local manufacturers (called "Makers") serving the community who operate out of their work space in, or around their homes... Stadium Self Storage has the self storage units in 47 different sizes to meet all of our customer's needs.

The Business Center On Premise -  There for Your Comfort and Use

With our Business Center located on-premise for convenience, our customers can stop in and use the free Wi-Fi we provide for any number of reasons. Customers often use the time for checking email, searching online for information needed, working off their website to reference data or make contact through FacebookTM   ... Or... you can just relax in the Business Center and enjoy fresh StarbucksTM cup of coffee "on us". Enjoy our hospitality. We are dedicated to service you... and we prove it every day.


Pharmaceutical Representatives Services Industry:
Use Our Self Storage Facilities as Your Distribution Point

Restaurants & Catering Services Industries in the Milwaukee Area

Catering and Specialty Restaurants

 The Self-Storage Solution

Store your catering and specialty restaurants supplies with us. From banquet tables, to beverage dispensers, from hot boxes to chocolate fountains, our storage units can hold it all.  Milwaukee area businesses trust Stadium Self-Storage to protect their commercial inventory.  Ask our trained storage professionals about our prices at the number listed below.

(414) 810-3101

Self-storage offers solutions to the common problems Milwaukee area restaurant owners and managers might face. First of all, storage for seasonal furniture items, vital document storage such as payroll files, inventory of products and materials. With less of your time consumed in organizing or finding materials best kept in one storage area, you find yourself with less distraction, less wastefulness with a mind at peace about the security and keeping of possessions and assets you need on hand. Read More…