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How Can College, University and Graduate Students Need a Self-Storage Unit?

Student Lifestyles Create the Need for Self Storage:
College, university and graduate school students face many new challenges:
  • They move away from home for the school year, establishing new habits … including having to learn how to live without parents cleaning up for them.
  • Graduate students often are uprooting small families and find storage needs to be a “must” while living in unexpectedly smaller living spaces than they had anticipated.
  • College students often face the lifestyles that alternate between home and college throughout the year. Part time in one place, part time living in the other. That brings problems associated with moving their possessions with them… or storing them for use later upon return from school or home.
That’s where self storage enters the picture. With their lives split between two locations (most often very distant from one another) the need for storage arises as the year progresses.

Are you moving “to” or “from” Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

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A Few Reasons College Students Rent Self Storage Units:
Here is a brief listing of the reasons students in colleges, universities, and graduate schools rent self storage units throughout the year. They are really of two types of problems: the normal back and forth between home and school is the first. The second category involves a number of activities; special needs arising out of special demands on the student. 
The most common reasons for student self storage:
  • Moving home for summer is, in most cases, the norm since students cannot stay on campus throughout the summer. Also, many students go home to find work for the summer, so they can pay for school in the Fall. The problem is simple: the college or university will not allow them to either live on campus, much less store their belongings on campus.
  • Moving away for the summer, to a summer location other than home, occurs primarily because students have found a place to work so as to raise the money for school in the Fall.
  • Winter break brings to the student the same dilemma: Colleges and universities to not allow the students to live on campus much less store their belongings or leave anything personal remaining on campus.  So students must find a storage space for those personal items while they are back home. But, parents don’t want students strewing their belongings around their home again.That’s the reason a self storage unit becomes the unqualified solution.

Special needs, special demands upon the student resources:
  • Special educational opportunities: Many students study abroad for a semester or longer. If the opportunity to go abroad for a semester arises, students invariably need a place to store their personal items until they return. This becomes the convenient self storage unit solution
  • Rather than taking the risk in loss, theft or damage to items as a result of leaving them with a friend for that duration of time, a self-storage unit can keep their possessions safe from harm. .
  • Then there’s always the problems that arise from small, shared dorm rooms or apartments. Trying to live in a small dormitory space is, most times, demanding. The rules of life don’t change just because it’s a dormitory on campus. Like home, or anywhere else, as the volume of items expands to consume the space available, either items are eliminated a self storage unit is a great alternative to getting rid of the items. The items stay safe in storage until you have a big enough living space.

What should college students do before putting items into self storage?

Plan first. But don’t guess. You can call our Professional Storage Solutions Experts. They are experts in what they do. You don’t have to make a commitment by calling Stadium Self Storage. Find out from them what you can do:
  • Sizes of self storage units.
  • Climate control and its advantages.
  • Security for the protection of possessions. 
  • A self storage place near the school or your apartment?
What size storage unit does a college student need?
Frankly, most students need only a small unit, say a 5x5. Even if they share a self storage unit with another student, usually the smallest unit is more than enough. Graduate school students attending major medical / dental / nursing schools, residency requirements, hospital training and the like, have far greater needs. Often enough, those include family needs, with far greater storage constraints.

How much does a self storage unit cost?
For the majority of students at all level - collegiate, graduate, internship -  money is invariably tight. Self storage is affordable since students have many options from which to choose:
  • You can pay by the unit size.
  • You can pay month to month, without a commitment to anything more than one month at a time.
  • You can upgrade if need be.
  • You can go in on a unit with a friend, sharing the cost.
  • You can move out when you wish (Again, make sure you pay for what you already have used).

These are the major choices. But, it is always up to you. Why not give us a call? Find out BEFORE you guess your way into a decision. We are here to help you.
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