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Climate Controlled Unloading Platform for Your Comfort and Peace of Mind!

Climate Controlled Loading and Unloading area that is Semi-Tractor Capable
Why the "Extra Large" Climate Control Self-Storage Unloading Areas?

One picture says it all! Just one look and the picture will convince you of the specious access to our self-storage facility. Unloading your truck... or whatever the vehicle... could not be more "comfortable" (given the fact that you are loading or unloading your possessions into a self-storage unit - which is usually has its share of stress).  This is why at Stadium Self storage we have two climate controlled self storage loading and unloading areas.  This allows us to handle everything from your small compacted car to semi trucks.

Climate Control Self Storage - Inclement Weather

Stressful as moving your possessions may be, you shouldn't have to face inclement weather, like the unbearable heat leaving you... well... "drenched" and uncomfortable. Nor should you have to put up with frostbitten fingers and frosty conditions when unloading your truck, van or car on the way to your self-storage unit. The Climate Control self storage loading and unloading areas take you "out of the inclement, unpredictable Wisconsin weather" that just might be what you face on moving day, especially in Wisconsin.

Let's face it. Though we absolutely love Wisconsin - friendly people, fabulous attractions, great activities year 'round - we don't exactly appreciate "the weather". It can be unpredictable as any Wisconsin resident knows firsthand. So we've provided a state of the art, climate controlled self storage facility where all the self storage units are within that controlled temperature range.


The Purpose of Climate Control Self Storage
... and Your Comfort

The purpose of climate controlled self storage is simple enough: as you are loading or unloading your vehicle, you aren't facing the stress of temperature extremes. And as you move throughout the self storage facility on your way back and forth from your unit, you feel comfortable wherever you walk.

Don't forget. We don't just offer the climate controlled self storage unloading areas and facility for you. We combine it with all the features you would expect so as to provide you with ease and accessibility to your self storage unit, ample lighting, dollies and carts as you load or unload your property... AND convenient hours and professional storage expertise (ready to advise or help you with your move).
And that's not all. Remember, it's not only about the personal relief you get while moving in or out of your storage unit. That's important to us no doubt. But, your possessions are protected from the same inclement weather and climate extremes.

Above-Our car and truck accessible climate controlled loading and unloading area.

Given the Advantages of Climate Control Loading and Unloading Platform Accessibility

...So, who needs to put up with any of the following ("add-to-my-stress") disadvantages?
  •      Dropped boxes and other possessions due to frostbitten fingers!
  •      Perspiration soaked clothing resulting from the stress of the heat AND the expected loading or unloading experience
  •      Rain soaked documents, boxes, and other (normally dry) possessions you root through groaning all the while about Murphy's Law  and why it just had to rain so heavily on the day of your move.
  •      Inventory, valuables, papers and other items you cannot afford to allow even a moment's exposure to rain, snow, heat, hail or sleet

...And Then There's the "'Other' Climate Controlled Self Storage" Guys - Be Careful

You should be aware of self storage "providers" who are clever enough to advertise “climate controlled self storage." But, the "reality" is, they offer only heating or cooling, not both! That's NOT climate CONTROLLED. So what's claimed "on paper" doesn't realistically translate into a more comfortable, year 'round controlled temperature range for ease of unloading and loading your possessions.

Note Our Claim Below. State of the Art Technology

Here's what you get with what the industry calls "climate control self storage":

“Our storage facilities maintain a temperature range of 60° to 75°F. We've installed the necessary (multiple) heating and cooling units at our self-storage facility so as to provide comprehensive coverage and back-up to ensure your possessions are always protected. Quite frankly, even if a particular heating or cooling unit should fail, the other on-site climate controls can still maintain a well regulated, comfortable temperature environment."

Our Stadium Self Storage facility enjoys BOTH inside climate controlled self storage units as well as two extra large drive-up climate controlled loading and unloading platforms, as you can see pictured here on this site page.