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New Outdoor Units
10x25 and 10x30 sizes available now.  Electricity available on select units.

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Video tutorials for all your packing, moving and storage needs!

Not sure how to pack your belongings to maximize your space?  Got questions on what kind of box you should use?  How do you arrange your storage unit?  All of these questions and more can be answered with our library of video tutorials. 

View any of our videos below, and if you still have questions, call our Professional Storage Solution Experts at 414-810-3101 and they will happily answer any of your questions.

The video below gives you a top 10 list so you have a successful moving experience.

Not sure what you can and can't store in your self storage building.  This video helps explain all that and how to find a reputable self storage facility.

Did you know that there are items that you shouldn't pack on moving day.  More importantly moving companies won't move certain items due to their hazardous or perishable nature.  This video clearly explains what items you should NOT move.

Sealing your moving and self storage boxes properly is a critical step that people often overlook, or simply don't know how to do right.  The video below shows you how to properly tape your moving and self storage boxes in order to help prevent your contents from spilling out during your move.  By taking a few minutes to watch this video you'll be well ahead of the game when it comes to packing your contents for your self storage and moving needs

Not properly Packing your dishes, china and other valuables often leads to breakage. The video below shows how to properly pack these items in a box designed for these items for safe transport and storage in your climate controlled storage unit, or anywhere you store you valuables.

Did you know that it's not ok to stack multiple lampshades in a box when you move.  The following video shows you how to properly pack your lampshades, 1 per box, so they remain undamaged during the moving process.

Packing picture frames and mirrors properly is key to them making the trip to your new home or your self storage unit unbroken.  Below we show you how to properly pack those delicate items so you can enjoy them for years to come!