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Climate Controlled Self-Storage Units: An environment for excellent storage, both in the XL Loading Area and for each individual unit.

It is no secret that as you go though life you accumulate "stuff".  Therefore, there will come a time that you will have to decide what to do with all that stuff.  Do you throw it out, donate it, or storage it?  If you decide to store it, then the self storage facility that you choose has a direct effect on your items. Climate controlled self-storage units greatly ease the divide between you and your items, knowing the severity of the hot and cold weather extremes will be avoided, eliminating the damage that can occur in a regular self-storage unit.  Constantly changing weather patterns are the norm in Wisconsin, so our climate-controlled storage units and XL loading areas were designed to provide the perfect solution for storing items.  You'll be excited to use our state of the art self-storage units for your personal, household and commercial items.

Temperatures and other “climate” factors do affect what you put into storage, be it vital records and valuable documents needed for a variety of things in your life but especially the precious items of your home. Let's not forget about your business and electronic possessions you want to keep, wood furniture pieces, photographs you could never replace if lost, leather belongings, books, clothing, and a host of other valuable possessions, all of which can be destroyed if not properly protected.

Stadium Self-Storage's climate controlled self-storage units and loading areas are beautifully maintained and keep a temperature range of 60–75°. Maintaining such a controlled environment reduces the multitude of risk factors you would otherwise face:.

Climate-controlled storage units are typically free of

  •     Infestation of mice, wasps, bees, termites and other vermin
  •     Bacteria, mildew and mold
  •     Rust, yellowing and corrosion
  •     Splitting, cracking and warping of wood and plastic items                                     
Let us help you Choose a Climate-Controlled Self-storage Unit to fit Your Needs

Here are  a few things you can do to prepare your possessions for the proper climate controlled self-storage unit protection they demand.

Consideration 1: Climate

If you live near Milwaukee Wisconsin, you understand the weather takes many paths throughout the year especially due to our proximity to Lake Michigan. You'll have to take into account the kinds of temperatures you face in your area. Since the temperatures at our self storage facility never goes below 60 degrees or above 75, our self-storage units will provide the best choice for your belongings.
Consideration 2: Assess All of What You Plan to Put into Self-storage

You'll need to take into account the possibility of occasionally accessing your self-stored items. OR… perhaps you will be adding or removing items, so you need to bear in mind your comfort while you're working within your self-storage unit. Climate-controlled units can make the task much more enjoyable. You'll be thankful not to have to trudge through the snow and freezing temperatures, or the sweltering heat of summer.  Always keep in mind that belongings generally found in the home and at the workplace are often the very belongings commonly affected by temperature variances.

Personal items most commonly found around the house needing climate controlled environments:

  •         Antiques and Heirlooms
  •         Collectibles and Paintings
  •         Leather or wood furniture
  •         Musical instruments
  •         Appliances
  •         Electronics like Televisions, stereos, cameras
  •         Your DVDs, CDs, those memorable cassettes and vinyl records
  •         Furs and Clothing
  •         Christmas Ornaments
  •         Crystal and China                                    
Possessions commonly used in business offices, needing climate controlled environments for their protection in self-storage:
  •         Computers & computer parts
  •         Video and Audio equipment
  •         Business records and Supplies
  •         Stored products
  •         Software and Hardware                                    
  •         Pharmaceutical samples
  •         Medical and Dental supplies                      
  •         Archived documents
  •         Tax files and other legal paperwork
  •         Marketing materials such as Signs, placards, and other informative materials
Possessions Commonly Utilized by Craftsmen:
  •         Small Machines
  •         Raw materials
  •         Restaurant equipment
  •         Construction supplies
  •         Finished product                        
  •         Tools, dies and equipment
Consideration 3: Take into Account the Value of Those Items Put in Your Self-storage Unit

Worried about cost? Climate control storage units cost a little more than standard units. First of all, standard units do not protect against a wide range of threats against your possessions which, upon ruin, can be very costly. In order to decide whether the cost is acceptable, you must weigh the value of what you are planning to put away in storage. Although you can get your electronics and equipment insured, ask yourself if you really want to go through the hassle of insurance claims, packing items, phone calls (most often putting you on hold), etc. What is your time worth? And, will they “pay up?” We have all suffered the infuriating let down of being left “out in the cold” when told some clause in the policy doesn’t apply. This can be avoided with the climate controlled self-storage units at Stadium Self Storage.

Along with the sentimental items are those important documents needed by your place of business. Are they...

  •         too costly to allow ruin
  •         too inconvenient to replace
  •         too heart-breaking to lose
  •         too risky because actually, truly,  “irreplaceable”
  •         too time consuming for you to address
  •         too sentimentally charged with emotion to lose or…
  •         too disturbing to ones peace of mind to expose to heat and cold…
…Since you need to provide for a self-storage unit, then it is axiomatic, “You must store them well.”

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